About E&J New Media

Our Mission

E&J New Media is devoted to bringing creative, innovative and enlightened solutions to our clients. We understand that an ever-changing media environment creates new challenges as well as opportunities.

As we study the existing and evolving media landscape, we also mold its future. We look forward to the opportunity to shape it to benefit you.

E&J New Media's mission is to provide our clients with specialized interactive marketing tools, innovative design, and flawless execution -- with a primary emphasis on maximizing return on investment.

The Story

E&J New Media was launched in 2008. An experienced founder decided it was time to move forward and expand the services available to our clients. Through open talk, direct contact and ambition, E&J New Media has developed a simple story and one that is still being written. Coming into existence through well planned thoughts and executed plans, we are making an impact.

The Team

Founder and CEO Mark Kaliss has been a marketing industry professional for over 10 years with executive experience at several leading new media and interactive New York City marketing companies. Mark specializes in creating networks along with online retail and interactive marketing for many of the world's leading brands.